Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Me & mum in law

This is my 1st blog and i wanted to write something special ,something close to my heart where i can just pour my heart out. A relationship most discussed ,a relation most talked about MOM IN LAW (MIL)
 The moment i typed MIL in search engine i was flooded with endless blogs of i hate my mother in law. Infact 5 years back when i was getting married everybody had one peice of advise to give me and the common of all was mom in law, i mean really all the chachas and chachis were like bachke rehna, god only saves u.bless u with good mum in law on & on. I guess she is one of the most maligned people on earth, they are projected as most possesive people , whose only objective in life is to make daughter in law life hell.
but in my story  i guess i was the most blessed creature on earth, for me all d advises proved a BIG wrong.
for me my mum in law was a soothing lullaby,a freind to gossip, a patner for window shopping, for all d endless bitching about a common love we both shared his sonny and my hubby. yes exactly she was not the lalita pawar but a dream saas of every daughter in law.
Today as i watch you sitting in heaven all i want to tell you is that you are'nt bt your memories are alive and shall always be.


  1. Wow.... I truely appreciate ur feelings for ur MIL and I hope yhat this will surely change the common negative perception of all the MILs out there......and I wud here take the opportunity to mention that i also share the same feelings for my MIL....

  2. lovely...relationshipa r ment to be loved n if they r this way then nothing better then this....