Wednesday, July 13, 2016

And she conquered.... VENI VEDI VECI

On a deserted road in the middle of night, she was standing all alone, Farah went berserk, her blood froze,she was shocked. Tears were rolling down her cheeks,she felt feeble and weak, mustering all the courage she called Dhruv again,but all her calls went unanswered. Wiping her tears, she went to her apartment, unlocked the doors that were closed since she moved in with Dhruv. After looking at every corner of her house she unpacked her stuff,sipped her favourite cappuccino and thought of the life went by...
 Farah was a writer by profession, like her stories she was plucky,independent and rebellious. She met Dhruv on her project of script writing in Mumbai. Meeting Dhruv, was the best thing she felt has happened to her, for right from the start of her career, she was so engrossed in her work, that she never got the opportunity to invest in a relationship. In a very short period, Farah found a good friend, a mentor and star in Dhruv. There was a different glow in her eyes whenever Dhruv was around. She was over the moon when Dhruv confessed his feelings. She immediately reciprocated her love in same way. But Dhruv also told her that he was married. She was shocked and felt cheated but when he said he was already seeking a divorce from his wife, she felt she deserve a chance, she felt may be this was meant to be. Leaving all her fears behind Farah decided to go ahead with their relationship.
 After running for years she found solace in Dhruv and somewhere in her heart she felt things would fall in place ( after all, he said he is parting ways with his wife). Life was beautiful now. Farah was promoted, she was in a happy space. She and Dhruv moved into live in relationship. Love and happiness was all around.
 But as they say, life is not a fairy tale and love, it comes with its own price. Farah was expecting her child with Dhruv and dhruv still have not divorced his wife. Life was never meant to be easy... There otherwise so sweet relation was turning sour with there everyday argument. Farah found herself at the crossroads,she was perplexed, confused, her life was ripped off. But like her stories, she was unafraid,she decided to keep the baby.
 With the changing season, things changed between Dhruv and Farah. It was no use deceiving herself any longer. Dhruv was never there, she was shunned by the world as she was by Dhruv but she was independent and unafraid.  All alone, she went to hospital, filled the form , did the formalities and delivered her love. Her new love, her only companion, her baby filled her with sense of fulfilment that she had been devoid for years. It was love unconditional..
She realized few decisions of her went the wrong way but like a true warrior she fought,  she raised her child exactly the way she was unafraid, Independent and rebellious.
 She don't have any historic achievements to lay at the door but she is definatly a winner. Call her plucky, rebel or whatever she takes pride in living her life on her own terms without the fear of world , without the fear of society she belongs.
She came, She saw, She conquered... 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Change : The only constant

Since the evolution, change has been the only constant thing. Life changes everyday ,every moment  and for every person. Seasons change, in order to  grow up and evolve we change, even the beauty of winter last year changed this year.We all go through changes, whether a simple change of rain pouring or a bigger change. Every one of us have our own way to deal with the change.
How many of us happily welcome the change???
 I have always found it onerous to accept, irrespective of its goodness or solidity. I remember the times when even changing of sitting arrangement was such a big change for me. I always  took time to accept the change and adjust to new surroundings and people. You know how it is like moving out of your closet ,coming out from your cocoon ,not that I am a standof fish kind of person but still change is a change is a change. But yes , I am blessed soul, changes have always beem kind to me, yeah you have been really great to me.
I know changing of partner in school days gave me little time with my bestie  but then in this entire sitting arrangement process , I made many friends so change acha tha!!!  Moving away from home to hostel was a sea change ,mommy , home cooked food and everything readily showered on you, was such a life but then the change taught me to handle things on my own and introduced me to a new me..( I had so much qualities I never knew 😜). So, change acha tha. Then was the another phase of life where waking up with a bed tea and newspaper was replaced by kettle in hand( yeah you guessed it right being married phase) but then this shift introduced me with my partner for life, my very dear husband. This change was surely acha, in fact quite acha!!! 
So many changes so far have been quite alluring. Ofcourse, to say change is always acha will not be true because there are few on way which,we never wanted but had to accept ....
But with the growing  time I have learned to accept and embrace the changes. Like my recent change in the list is moving from BLOGGERS to WORDPRESS, which was the need of hour now.Initially I was quite hesitant to move out of my comfort zone  where everything was so familiar like easy to manage templates ,layout . BLOGGER to me was like mommy ,where my baby blog was born ,with simple ,easy guide but now that the baby is spreading it's wing ,it need to grow and now my blog has a new address . It has shifted from to .
Do stop by ,you will find more ways to express, share and interact.
Truly kuch change ache hote hai for
" if nothing ever changes ,there would be no                                                                                                                           butterflies".

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sex..the hush hush affair..

Don't castrate,
                      But educate. - Himmilicious..

So all eye balls right here... Well the word alone is enough to raise the attention. We all are becoming modern family going on all girl's trip to partying with our children, Good hai!! But SEX, hooo !!! how can we talk about that with our children, we have some values right??? wrong.
The other day I went to meet my friend Devyani and in between our chit chats I asked her 17  years daughter ' what is her opinion about Sex. Her not so urban mother immediately gave her the go inside look and she giggling like a 3 year old went. Obviously my loving friend was not looking so happy with me talking about the word S..
BUT WHY???? I always wonder why. Why we don't want to talk about it? Why is it a taboo?? We all do it, we share the so called non veg jokes ( well I also wonder why they are said NON VEG jokes ). She can let her darling daughter read Mills & boon, the dear daughter can watch adult movies and flip channels while  mummy is around but no sex talks, why?? Why can't we educate them ( OK , here I don't mean teaching them how to do it , but how to go for it RESPONSIBLY )

  If I go by facts , we are a country of 1.2 billion and also the 5th largest country watching porn but terribly poor in educating our children. So can we just grow up and understand that when they hit puberty their inquistiveness about the outside world and the opposite sex is just a part of their growing up.I think before we get into the sorry  situation let's teach them so they learn the facts, set boundaries for themselves. Also we will be able to avoid rape, molestation, child abuse, early pregnancy ...
I don't want it to be a gyan  session but yes thanks to the Google baba and growing awareness here are few books to help you and your  anxious one's..
1. What's happening to my body by Linda Madaras ( age 11-15 ) : it's a perfect book to teach your young boys and girls about their growing up.
2. SEX by Nikol Hasler ( age 16+ ) : this book will make you leave all your awkwardness behind and will help your older kids to grow responsible towards sex.
     Let's stop being ill informed...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Double Trouble :Is it worth having an extra marital affair # Fall in love

How could I do this??? How ? Perplexed and amazed she was...

The winters of Delhi always evoke a beautiful smell. Sipping her favorite cappuccino, standing in the balcony , Shail was waving down to Dhruv but was lost in her own world. Dhruv was leaving for work and here she was ready to be embraced by loneliness and boredom..Shail was married for five years and her better half was a busy man,typical workaholic but he always loved and cared for shail. He gave Shail everything but time. Over the years, love was lost somewhere between them. Shail though, always knew Dhruv's passion for work but little did she knew she will fall for someone, someone who was long gone forgotten.  She didn't knew her world will be divided between Dhruv and someone. She never thought that someday, after so many years she will fall in love with him, one more time. 
She didn't realized when she dipped  herself into love, leaving everything behind.
She met him a year back , in a book store. At the very first glanced the spark was ignited again. She knew he is the one, the inseparable soul, who would take her miles and miles apart from humdrum and doldrums.... And SO...after that she started meeting him everyday, every single day at her place right after Dhruv left for work..
 Since then shail was altogether a different person, all she use to think about him, the times she had spend with him. I was surprised with the change i saw in my friend Shail . How could the plainest of all , Shail could do so ...
Now Shail  felt happy when Dhruv came late from work, so that she can spend more time with him.. She started calling Dhruv to ensure what time he plans to come back so that she can be with him a little more..she started liking the way he smell, the way he rest on her laps, the way her face is always so close to him. Her lost love took her to the new world of imagination, to new fantasies. One day, he would take her to the world of lust and some other day she would travel with him to the path of spirituality. Whatever it was , she loved him every way.
But then ...
The otherwise so busy Dhruv felt the change in his beloved wife. He felt she was spending less time with him. He tried to tell her politely but she choose to ignore. Somewhere in her heart, Shail knew she was changed. She now felt sad for her husband. She tried to come back  but now it was a full time affair. She was so involved that now she wanted to plan her future with him.

 Shail is little depressed.. She wants to come back as the one she was for Dhruv but at the same time she don't want to loose her love again. She needs help from those who are reading her story or are travelling in same boat . she don't want to ignore Dhruv but she can't leave her love..who was always there for her anytime, anywhere
 YES her old lost Love ..Her BOOKS...HER NOVELS, which after marriage was lost. 
YES, it's that smell of books and the world of Imagination she don't want to be out's all those stories she had fallen in love with, yes with all her senses one more time.. 
( This Post is written for With all your senses fall in love - one more time # Fall in love)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Forget me Not...... Please...

Welcome to hotel California Eagles, was ringing. It  kept ringing again and again. Ritu was calling on her own it was not in the drawing room...Ummm...not on the microwave..Ahhh there it was under the couch...Ritu sighed a relief.
Ritu (one of my BFFs ) is bitten by bug called "FORGETFULNESS". she  forget so many things in the span of freaking two minutes. She forget where she kept her cell phone , she forgets to take appointments of doctors, she gets out , lock the car and keys keep dangling in the car.she walks into the kitchen then stand on the doorway wondering what she went to take, she again had to go back to the place to recall what she had to do. Almost everyone around is the victim of her ' short term memory' , topping the list is her dear husband and little munchkin.  She forgets her password,ATM pins, reset them almost every week, limit was when she started to make notes of things to do and forgot where she kept her note pad. She is just so forgetful , I guess the part of brain that is supposed to remember things is in  rusting mode.
 Irritated, tired and frustrated by this habit of hers I asked" how come you always keep forgetting things and you know what, she always have reason to give, very conveniently she blamed the pregnancy harmones( yeah, she was expecting then) , and now she blames it to the senior moments( ageing you see!!) , blame it to the multitasking she does. But this time when I asked her why did you forgot and how ( she was suppose to meet me this weekend) , she didn't played any blame game. This time she was  praising herself for this typical habit of hers...though forgetting is sad but at the same time it is the key for happiness for her. She is happy that she forget and forgive quickly, she don't remember conversations that are unnecessary, she forget what hurts her, the regret, the pain , the grudges. She forgot where her car keys are, that's sad but she also forgot her early morning argument with her dear that's a happy thing..
Her this state remind me of a very famous track ' bhool gayi Sab kuch, yaad nahi ab kuch....'
 So anybody bitten by this bug of forgetfulness.. Feel free to share,we will forget anyway !!