Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Travelling down the memory lane.....

Traveling down the memory lane....

Life came to a still  the moment she saw him, almost after a decade, the flash back of memories was going through her mind. That night Shalini  stumbled upon the hidden treasure of her, her old dairies. She just couldn't resist reading them. She read and re- read so many pages, traveling through sea of emotions, all at the same time laughter and cry, pain and agony . Seeing dhruv after years made her loose all sense of reality.

Shalini use to take her diary wherever she goes so that she can capture her everyday life(also this was her way of protecting it from being read by others, it was that precious for her). Flipping through them today she was living back some of those bygone days. It was after all notes of her life, life which had memories of her every day war with her brother,Lovely childhood memories Of spending weekend nights with cousins, shopping spree with friends, the secret of crush written in codes, the flame game,all her Fantasies ,all her life which nobody but her diary had witness. That sleepless night she lived her life again by turning back those pages, which otherwise she has forgotten after her  parting ways with dhruv. It was about to be morning she realized, it was time to be in the present again, shalini now has forgotten & forgiven dhruv. she realized it was time to look forward. 

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