Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Letter to the Man I call : My Husband 😘..

Marriage, like everything else in life, cannot be taught until you experience.  Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes hurtful.... 

It's long overdue (since our Anniversary). It was there always with me in my thoughts, finally my feelings are shaping into words...
Trust me I am always short of words while expressing to you, while expressing about you and so the  only thing i end up saying is that  I love you!!! 
Seven years ago, we became husband and wife and since the day we  began our journey, you have been my pillar of strength. It's one of the best day we have experienced together and surely one that we both will treasure forever.
 Some days i feel like our wedding was decade ago, while other times it just feel like thing of yesterday.  I know i never said this before but i am thankful for the Mauritius trip, the time we had spend together ( okay i agree half of the time i was the sleeping beauty...). Though we are so different from each other but i guess that's what make us perfectly together.  In our seven years of journey you fulfilled all the seven vows that you promised ( i know how exhausted and sleepy you were in the middle of night)  but still you managed to live upto it.. Beautifully..
In the first vow, you promised to cherish me and provide  welfare and happiness to me. Truly you did that baby by agreeing to all my unreasonable demands and by providing me your credit cards without question (Mind you, I also fulfilled my promise of standing by your side as your courage and strength.  I was always there right next to you while you were analysing the shopping list and the shopping bills.
  Your second vow, was to protect our house and children and you very beautifully did that too by not letting me go to my mum's house frequently (c'mmon dear husband i understand how cleanliness freak you are..) you have always been a doting father,  i know the number of times you cancelled your meeting just to accompany me to our little munchkin's PTM, Doctor 's visit even to his silly play dates.  Now,  like a true soul mate I too fulfilled my another vow of promising you that i will rejoice in your happiness (Ultimately, your happiness is in my happiness  and you accompanied me always to Mumma' s house)
  In the third phera,  you promised to share the pain and happiness together.  In all my sickness and monthly cramps I know,( Dear husband how much  you have nurtured and cared for me)  a thank would belittle all that..
  In the fourth vow, we promised each other and prayed for more love and respect for each other and our families.  No doubt, we are and we will be going strong and love for our families ( oh!  you showered that too, everytime we talk about my brother, Shh.. I am not spilling the beans..)
  In the fifth vow, we prayed for beautiful and noble children.  Indeed, we have one,  I know how sincere( read as naughty rat)  he has been all this while but everyday, he made our life worthwhile together.
 In the sixth holy round around the fire πŸ”₯, we asked for peaceful long life with each other (Now, i really want to know this who made this vow, PEACEFUL LIFE TOGETHER, i agree until one is deaf and dumb).
 I might ever doubt about the above six vows, but the last one you fulfilled it every single day by being my campanion.  By being so patient.  You have truly proved how we are poles apart yet perfect together.
 Dear Husband,  thanks for all the happiness and bliss and for giving me all the emotions i never knew existed deep within me.. 


  1. After a long time... I have read something so sweet and full of love...gr8 work Mansi...

  2. Thanks a lot pallavi.. I m really glad you liked it.

  3. May God bless both pf you with happiness, peace and prosperity.
    well written, liked reading it.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind wishes.. I am really glad you took time to read and liked..

  4. Mami this is beautiful. I loved reading each and every part of it. Mama is so lucky to have you in his life. I wish you and mama stay like this forever :)

  5. Wow... beautifully penned, Touching as i just peeped or felt the bond of ur relationship. I could relate to every single word. Wish you all the love always.
    So proud of u my Magic Pen. Keep up this Magical instinct alive always. This is what u were meant to be.

    1. To u too all i could ever say.. Is dat i love you