Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Love Soured....# and then I never saw her again..

Drowning , devouring all sense of reality.....

This isn't true, hoping all this to be a dream, Aakash walked away , trying hard not to look back, holding his tears he walked.
 The drops were dripping down his body as he was walking in the rain...reading and re- reading that message, his hands were shaking, heart was aching, wiping his tears he read that message again..reality after all is hard to accept.
For him, there love story began right at the moment he saw her for the first time at India Gate,in those chilling December winters.
 There is nothing more beautiful than Delhi winters and India Gate too, is so much more than a monument that only a delhiet can tell, its about morning walks, weekend breaks, creating stories, making relationship, match making ,family picnics and much more. That day proved it well, there could be nothing more beautiful and delightful as an air of euphoria was floating around...
 The moment Aakash saw Ruhanika his heart skipped a beat, for some reason he couldn't take his eyes off her, he didn't seem to notice how beautiful she was or the way she was dressed, for him it was beyond the bounds of looks, for him ,it was kalon. In splits, he fell for her. His heart pounced when he saw her lost in the crowd, he became restless like a bird trapped in the cage, wanted to see her again and again but was clueless .. That glimpse of her was enough to fall in love. For days and days, all he thought was about her,searched for her at every possible place but he failed...
It is well said that if it is meant to be, it will be. Suddenly after a month, Aakash saw Ruhanika again and this time he took no time to woo her. Ruhanika too, was charmed with his ardour. Their eyes met, hands crossed, Cell numbers were exchanged. A spark was ignited .There was a cold breeze,a flurry of air making everything in favour of Aakash.

 For him,

         She was everything now,
           an answer to all his problems,
         a promise to all his commitments,
          a drug he was addicted too,
         a hymn he wanted to sung,
         She was everything to him,
    everything and beyond.

Life was beautiful now.
The days were now filled with endless hours of calling, cajoling, mischiefs, arguments and amorousness. Every Saturday after office, it was set, India Gate. He would reach early and then would happily wait for her to come. The evenings were always well spend , for he infallibly planned it perfectly , just the way he likes, the way she wants. All he ever asked her was to be with him now and forever...
But little did he knew, that the only thing constant is change.
Season was changing and so was Ruhanika. Days were now unbearably hot and so was Ruhanika' attitude. She started avoiding Aakash. He could sense it,after all she was the inseparable soul of him.The threads of their relationship were breaking. He spoke and asked endless times but there were no right answers. The aeon of pain, tears had began. The dreams he had built were all shattered, like the stack of cards falling on the ground. He was clueless, perplexed of what has happened, what on earth went wrong. He begged, he cried, he fought, he did all but summers were harsh and so was his life on him. He met her with so many questions and she left with all unanswered.
 Aakash was a true taurian, careful and stubborn yet everything was flowing away from him. He couldn't believe it. After months of calling, messaging he gave up. He was broken.....  sometimes we all are in dilemma whether to try more or to go back.

What went wrong ,why and when he couldn't figure out...All he knew that she was gone and since that day he never saw her again.

( This post is written in line with IndiSpire  prompt Indispire and I never saw her again


  1. sure tides will change and the true taurian will find true love :) nicely penned.

    1. Thanks Shweta for stopping by. Well Taurians are quite stubborn too, so who knows, Aakash too might find a way.. Thanks again

  2. Beautiful writing,very touchy.loved the line "sometime we all are in go back"---so true it is....

    Btw, got trouble to share it in twitter.

  3. That's the irony of life,I guess Sometimes we all are in a dilemma. Thank you Mr.Sarkar..I am glad you liked it.. I will just check the issue.. Thanks again

  4. If she really loves him, she will come back...
    Hope all is well soon!

  5. Hope is the string Anita... Thanks