Wednesday, July 13, 2016

And she conquered.... VENI VEDI VECI

On a deserted road in the middle of night, she was standing all alone, Farah went berserk, her blood froze,she was shocked. Tears were rolling down her cheeks,she felt feeble and weak, mustering all the courage she called Dhruv again,but all her calls went unanswered. Wiping her tears, she went to her apartment, unlocked the doors that were closed since she moved in with Dhruv. After looking at every corner of her house she unpacked her stuff,sipped her favourite cappuccino and thought of the life went by...
 Farah was a writer by profession, like her stories she was plucky,independent and rebellious. She met Dhruv on her project of script writing in Mumbai. Meeting Dhruv, was the best thing she felt has happened to her, for right from the start of her career, she was so engrossed in her work, that she never got the opportunity to invest in a relationship. In a very short period, Farah found a good friend, a mentor and star in Dhruv. There was a different glow in her eyes whenever Dhruv was around. She was over the moon when Dhruv confessed his feelings. She immediately reciprocated her love in same way. But Dhruv also told her that he was married. She was shocked and felt cheated but when he said he was already seeking a divorce from his wife, she felt she deserve a chance, she felt may be this was meant to be. Leaving all her fears behind Farah decided to go ahead with their relationship.
 After running for years she found solace in Dhruv and somewhere in her heart she felt things would fall in place ( after all, he said he is parting ways with his wife). Life was beautiful now. Farah was promoted, she was in a happy space. She and Dhruv moved into live in relationship. Love and happiness was all around.
 But as they say, life is not a fairy tale and love, it comes with its own price. Farah was expecting her child with Dhruv and dhruv still have not divorced his wife. Life was never meant to be easy... There otherwise so sweet relation was turning sour with there everyday argument. Farah found herself at the crossroads,she was perplexed, confused, her life was ripped off. But like her stories, she was unafraid,she decided to keep the baby.
 With the changing season, things changed between Dhruv and Farah. It was no use deceiving herself any longer. Dhruv was never there, she was shunned by the world as she was by Dhruv but she was independent and unafraid.  All alone, she went to hospital, filled the form , did the formalities and delivered her love. Her new love, her only companion, her baby filled her with sense of fulfilment that she had been devoid for years. It was love unconditional..
She realized few decisions of her went the wrong way but like a true warrior she fought,  she raised her child exactly the way she was unafraid, Independent and rebellious.
 She don't have any historic achievements to lay at the door but she is definatly a winner. Call her plucky, rebel or whatever she takes pride in living her life on her own terms without the fear of world , without the fear of society she belongs.
She came, She saw, She conquered... 


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    1. Thank you so much. Feedback like this are truly fuel for my writings. Try stopping by at my blog

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  4. Nice story. I think it is wrong to get involved with a married man. It was apparent that a person who is cheating on his wife, cannot be loyal to his girlfriend. He would never marry her. Glad Farah acted bold and decided to move on all by herself.