Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bump and the baby : To have or not a second child...

The last weekend was lovely, I was surrounded by my girls gang. Really there is nothing more relaxing than sipping your favorite coffee and spending time with  BFF's , while all of us were sharing our vacation plans , what activities our toddlers are indulging in, about our better halves and all girly stuff, all of  a sudden one of my girl friend Ritu , from the group broke the news of her expecting again. I was like REALLY ??? ( it's not that I was not happy for her... I was seriously) but she was the one who always sermonise about one child  you know like " chota parivar sukhi parivar" but here she was expecting again. She was delighted, over joyed and in high spirits. She was deliriously happy however at the same time she was in a dilemma whether she can take care of second child not just financially but also physically, emotionally and from all the facet's .
   Motherhood is beautiful its blissful. No other experience in life can be compared to the joy of holding your heart outside your body, the charm and beauty of being pregnant is supreme. But how many wants to go for it yet again. Once the first child grow up all the parents go through such confused state to have or not to have because deciding it is just not easy and decision is not only yours, you got to be ready in every way.

    Nurturing the child is not a cake walk, it require lot of patience and devotion. Once a mother is always a mother. All other relationship becomes secondary. Every day you have to go through sleepless nights, cerelac bites, changing diapers and burping cycle, your social circle and cuddly talks are never the same again. Ensuring that your toddler don't feel left out while you are busy nursing the little one and juggling between home, hubby, friends, relatives and now a new bundle of joy all this together feels like a never ending roller coaster ride.
   Whatever you decide deep down we all know that nothing stays forever neither those sleepless nights nor those cerelac bites. One fine day our little hearts will grow and we will love them more and more. So if you decide to go for it then we all know more the babies more smiles, more giggles and lot more adventure will be on way and if you decide to stick to one then shower all your love and care for your little soul.
  I don't know who said this but there really are places in the heart you don't know existed until you love a child.
   The joy of motherhood comes in moments.
   There will be hard times and frustrating times
Amid the challenges there are shining moment of 
                          Joy and satisfaction 
                                                      -ELDER M RUSSEL BALLARD.



  1. The unspoken feeling of an expected lady is mixed of joy, curiosity, satisfaction, worries and love...very well explained #Mansimittal

    1. Very true Mr. Srivastava Motherhood is indeed the greatest joy...