Saturday, March 21, 2015

The buddy talk....

In the age of social networking where making friends and creating friendship is just a click away, i wonder how many of them are really real friends.
Anais nin has beautifully said that " each friend  represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." i fully agree to it that a new world is born , a world of joy, sadness , anger , love and moments that create life.
I believe that right from the moment we become aware about our being we are blessed with these beautiful creatures called friends , when we were just too young to stand  on our feet, we were delightful in the company of that little friend of ours, the first time we went to school , the friends we made, made us forgot all our anxiety , shakes and shivers. It is that relationship which stay right beside us in every phase of our life, in every thick and thin.They are the lone witness to all our tear and fight , betrayal and debate, our darkest whims and fantasies after all they are the secret keepers and partners in all our crimes of madness (aren't they always around to cheer up after the daddy's remand, to finish those midnight assignments, to give that " hota hai wala" look after the break up, to give those shopping tips and cooking tricks, they are unquestionably there).

It's  because of those friends that i cherish the memories of the times gone wen we  were so crazy, the times we laughed so hard, our inside jokes that only we could understand, memories of hanging out together or teasing in the class or just dancing in the college fest.
I know life changes and we move on but my connection with them is time above.I know that wherever we are in our life, we will be friends even if we don't meet for ages we would start from where we left off.
     if you laugh really loud,talk spontaneously and don't care what your faces look like, you are probably with your real friends. 


  1. Woww I feel da same for u Mansi.......

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  4. Really ...dere should b atleast one frnd with whom u can share anything ..miss u....

  5. Exactly makes life worthwhile