Thursday, April 16, 2015

Diary of an Expecting Mom - Truth vs Myth..

Last week my friend Anamika ( part of my girl's gang ) planned for an adventure trip. Since it was a long weekend they planned for a trip to Rishikesh for rafting. All excited she started the preps in full swing going for shopping, buying paddling suits, paddling pants. But little did she knew that the adventure had already began. Her pregnancy test turned out to be positive. Ye kya, O Lord, she asked for a few days fun and you blessed her with adventure all life. Someone has well said " upar wala jab bhi deta, deta chappar phadke" ( wen god gives, he gives luxuriously).
  Now that my friend was expecting not just her Rishikesh trip got cancelled but her life took a 360 degrees turn. Seriously pregnancy is lot many things. It is so exciting to create a life within you for nine months. It is the most beautiful gift of life but at the same time it is scary too,the nausea, the cramps, the heavy belly, when you are expecting everyone treats you like a delicate doll, everyone is suddenly extra nice to you. For good or bad reasons you get everything you ask for.But along with this plenty of advises start pouring from everywhere literally anyone and everyone your friends, friends of friends , relatives, neighborhood aunty all of them are ready to shower  you with plethora of myths (oops advise !!) . The same happenned with my friend Anamika.
The first and common of all the recommendations was killer papaya. She was asked to stop eating papaya immediately as it would lead to miscarriage... Dear expecting mother's my humble request is please expand your horizon of knowledge it's only unripe and semi ripe that would be unsafe and that too if you eat in kilo's. So stop hitting the panic button if you just had one.
  The second is eating anything white in the morning and drinking milk with saffron in it will result in fair skinned baby.( how obsessed are we with fair skin) I wonder why didn't any milk or bread didn't turned me white by now. And dear mom's to be the only person who will  benefit from your eating saffron is your  kirane wala ( remember kesar is the most expensive spice in the world ) . Well the truth is the skin color of baby only depends on genetics 
 The third is the sex of the baby , every one is so interested in it. If you are glowing its a girl, if you are looking dull its boy. The size and shape of mom's tummy can also predict the gender even the heart rate of the foetus can foretell the gender of the baby O dear next door aunty u failed science ( ultrasound and amniocentesis we don't need you anymore).
There are various other myths ( read as advise) like eat for two, don't take the staircase, don't exercise don't eat pineapples don't go out in lunar eclipse don't ,don't just don't advise my mom anymore says the little soul from inside.
I don't doubt old wives tales but few myths have no scientific evidence but truth is also this that our mothers and grandmothers didn't had monthly check ups still they did their job best, they didn't had fancy nursing home, big labor rooms still they raised us in best possible way. So don't blindly believe all of them.

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