Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Indoor Fun : Summer ideas to beat the heat.

Summers are around the corner and fun for the kids is about to begin. But the mercury is rising high and we will be bound to stay indoor. So what are we going to do with our kids who every hour squeal with ' I am getting bore' thing. The object is to plan ahead. This time ditch the T.V cartoons and the gaming gadgets and let's get into some mind and body drilling. Its time for bonding and creating memories this summer. So start creating the summer list today. Here are few ideas to keep the kids busy in fun way:
1. Board Games: we all have ample of board games but because of the television , I pads and tablets it got lost in our closet. So dig them out. Chess, monopoly, jenga, business, the whole family can have fun playing together. ( for young kids 4+ Hasbro has come up with monopoly junior party kid, believe me I had a lot fun playing this game with my kid) .Its fun and at the same time it teaches counting and using money.
2. Movie Time : Its time to catch up some good movies. Rent or buy their favorite movie and let the kids enjoy it with their all time snacks. You can also play your wedding DVDs and kids birthday bash CDs. Trust me kids will have gala time recognizing everyone in the family.

3. Cook it up : Now is the time for getting them involve into the kitchen. Let them try there hands on arranging table and decorating salads . It would be great watching our young chefs at work , making mocktail to beat the heat. You never know they might create a new recipe for family.

4.Record Memories : Here is the perfect moment to create some memories also time for some progress in enhancing hand and motor skills of our munchkins. With everything going digital we all have countless pictures saved in our cell phone and hard drive. Let's take the print and create a scrapbook. Kids will have loads of laugh and nostalgia while sticking them.

5. Play Dates : kids would love to meet their peers in vacation. Plan ahead and arrange a picnic at home . put a mat,arrange few games like passing the parcel and yes of course their favorite snacks and juices.

6. Tapping Feet : Its hard to beat the energy of our little souls. Let's get them into some dancing and grooving. It will not only get them out of bored blues but will also vent out their energy, so get along with them into some boggie woogie.

These activities are surely to bring lots of fun inside home this summer.
What's your favorite idea of summer activities. How did you plan to keep the kids occupied and having fun. Let's share them all and make together fun time.


  1. Wow...great ideas...i'll definitely try needs to much patience. ...

  2. Hey shruti..thanks for stopping by..yes do try d ideas and share more...